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Preferred Flight Option - PFo
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How does PFo work?
Enter your booking details to retrieve your booking.
Select your original flight where you want PFo and search for preferred flights.
Select your desired preferred flight, and pay a small sign-up price (say $1) and a nominal PFo price to complete PFo Signup.
Before departure, Optiontown may shift you to your preferred flight and will notify via email. If not shifted to preferred flight, your PFo price will be refunded.
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Unhappy with current flight? Want to fly on your preferred flight?
Booked on a flight but
not your first choice.
Choose your Preferred Flight
at a nominal price.
Later, if available Optiontown
will shift you to preferred flight.
PFo Sign-up - Select your desired preferred flight by paying small sign-up and nomial PFo Price. Before dearture, Optiontown may shift you to your preferred flight and will notify via email. If you are not shifted, your PFo price will be refunded.
Get PFo and fly on your preferred flight!
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