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PSo Rules
1)Upon completing Sign-up for Preferred Seat, you agree that cannot opt out of it;
 b.Preferred seat purchase is non-refundable and non-cancellable authorize Optiontown, at its own sole discretion, to assign Preferred Seat to you; and
 d.have agreed to pay the preferred seat price
 e.children above 2 years old are subject to the same charges as the adults. will receive your email confirmation shortly on the email address provided by you.
 g.if you change your seat via any third party for any reason after you've been assigned preferred seat, preferred seat price is non-refundable and you will not be assigned the preferred seat again.
2)In the event you wish to make any changes to your booking, you need to contact the organization from where you purchased your original ticket and your original ticket fare rules shall apply for such changes made.
 a.In the event you make any changes in your itinerary after Preferred Seat sign-up, then you may come back to Optiontown to move your Preferred Seat selection to the new flight by paying applicable price. To do so, retrieve your PNR on our website and then visit
Manage My Option link. However, it's not guaranteed that you will get your desired seats on the newly changed flight.
 b.If preferred seats were assigned on the original flight but could not be assigned on the new flight, then only the additional price paid to move the Preferred Seat Option from original to new flight will be refunded back within 5 days after the new flight departure, and the Preferred Seat price paid for the original flight will be non-refundable.
3)Passengers sitting in an exit seat must be able to meet the following criteria and perform the following duties: In line with international safety regulations and Air Malta operating procedures, persons with reduced mobility, unaccompanied minors, passengers under 12 years of age and passengers travelling with infants cannot be seated at an emergency exit row. For this reason, passengers falling under one of the mentioned categories are advised not to book emergency exit row seats. Further more, passengers who require wheelchair assistance are advised to book window seats only at the front section of the aircraft (emergency exit rows excluded). Failure to comply with this advice will result in having your seats changed at the airport. Passengers occupying exit row seating must be able-bodied and able to assist crew members and other passengers in the event of an emergency; the following conditions needs to be fulfilled by passengers who want to be seated in seats which permit direct access to the emergency exit:
 a.Be physically able to reach, locate and operate the emergency exit window or door, and to quickly pass through the exit.
 b.Be able to understand and acknowledge instructions given by cabin crew in English about the tasks you will be expected to perform in an emergency evacuation and read the safety card provided by crew for that purpose.
 c.Be able and willing to assist the crew and other guests in the evacuation of the aircraft.
 d.Be able to check outside conditions and respond to cabin crew requests before opening an exit.
 e.Not be in any stage of pregnancy.
 f.Not have any condition (be it a consequence of age, frailty, injury, physical or psychological disability, mobility, vision or hearing impairment, sickness, injury or anything else) which may prevent you from performing the duties listed above.
 g.Be aged 12 years or older.
 h.Not be traveling with infant/child, however, Front Rows may be assigned.
 i.Not be travelling with a care giver, a guide dog or an assistance animal.
 j.Not be inadmissible passengers, Deportee and their escorts.
 k.Not be unwilling to assist in the event of an emergency.
 l.Not be a Passenger who is not able to read English well enough to understand the instructions printed on the exit door, follow hand signals and oral directions given by cabin crew and assess whether opening the emergency exit will increase the hazards to which passengers may be exposed.
4)In case you do not fulfill any one or more of the above requirements, your Exit row seat assignment will be canceled. The airline will have the right to cancel your preferred seat request even if paid, and you will be seated on a regular seat as per availability with no refund.
5)The airline has the full right to change the aircraft at its convenience, in this case, and if the airline fails to honor the same or similar seat as per your assigned preferred seat during your flight, you may ask for refund by contacting Optiontown customer care at