PSo - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

[+]  What is PSo? How does it enhance travel experience?
[+]  Does PSo guarantee that I will be assigned my Preferred Seat?
[+]  What's the price for PSo?
[+]  What is the eligibility criteria for PSo?
[+]  On which flights can I select PSo?
[+]  On which airlines can I buy PSo?
[+]  How do I get the refund of my money if I am not assigned my Preferred Seat?
[+]  How many seats can I choose as Preferred Seat?
[+]  How many additional PSo flights can I select for one journey?
[+]  Do I get a refund of my money if I do NOT use the Preferred Seats after my Preferred Seat Option has been confirmed by Optiontown?
[+]  How can I check my PSo status or find out if I am assigned the Preferred Seat?