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Angkor Air Signs Ticket Deal
khmertimeskh.com    Jan 2016
National carrier Cambodia Angkor Air has signed a licensing deal with Optiontown that will see the US-based portal begin selling tickets from next month, Cambodia Angkor Air chairman Tekreth Samrach said, adding that the move is aimed at boosting sales as the carrier faces rising competition in the domestic and regional market. Mr. Samrach said Cambodia Angkor Air - a 51-49 percent joint venture between the government and Vietnam Airlines - has granted the license to Optiontown to sell tickets globally.

Sachin Goel, founder and CEO of Optiontown, said his company would boost revenues of the airline as well as enhance its brand.

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Arabian Aerospace Online News Services says, Optiontown's new product "Flight Pass Option may be just the ticket for flyers"
arabianaerospace.aero    Mar 2015
Flight Pass option is a product aimed at giving air passengers a better deal while allowing airlines to 'lock in' their business for an extended period is approaching the middle east. Flight Pass Option aims to change the way in which people buy airline tickets.

Flight Pass Option is an invention that aims to "change Customers into Subscribers", said Anuj Goel, vice-president, sales and marketing of US-based Optiontown, the company behind the project, converting passengers from one-time buyers of flights into regular customers.

AirAsia X exploring ‘bed-like’ economy product as it continues to defy convention
Future Travel Experience    Jan 2015
Azran Osman Rani, CEO of AirAsia X, discussed the carrier’s interest in developing a “bed-like” economy class product with FTE Editor Ryan Ghee. He said, the Empty Seat option, which offers passengers the chance to secure one or two empty seats next to their own seat for a nominal fee if they are not otherwise sold, provides a great example of how the long-haul, low cost carrier balances passenger-focused enhancements and monetisation, and equally highlights how the airline is willing to break the mould. As Osman Rani explained, it “creates a way of monetising three seats to potentially one person on an option basis without necessarily selling those seats in advance and losing the revenue potential of what selling three seats can give you”. AirAsia X CEO Azran Interview
You may Click here to view the interview with Azran Osman-Rani, the CEO of AirAsia X.

NetFlix of the Aviation Industry -Flight Pass Option (FPo)
Optiontown.com    Dec 2014
Sachin Goel (Founder & CEO, Optiontown) was invited to speak at "IATA World Passenger Symposium 2014" held in San Diego. The new product Flight Pass Option (FPo) was well talked in the forum and termed as NetFlix of the aviation industry. Optiontown CEO was invited to IATA World Passenger Symposium 2014
You may Click here to view Mr. Sachin Goel's speech at "IATA World Symposium 2014" in full.

En México se viajará con más comodidad
entornointeligente.com    Jan 2014
El Nacional / Un traslado cómodo es el sueño de cualquier viajero, por eso Aeroméxico y Optiontown ­ compañía líder en creación de productos dinámicos de viaje­ suman alternativas. Upgrade Travel Option (UTo) y Preferred Seat Option (PSo) pasan a formar parte de la oferta de la principal aerolínea mexicana.

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A Comfortable journey is a dream of any traveler, that is why Aeromexico and Optiontown have accompanied for creating Dynamic Travel Options. Upgrade Travel Option (UTo) and Preferred Seat Option (PSo) has become a part of the services of the main Mexican airline.
Entornointeligente image
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Aeroméxico y Optiontown ofrecen opciones de ascensos a Clase Premier y AM Plus
lavozhispanany.com    Jan 2014
Optiontown, ha atendido a millones de usuarios en cinco continentes y ahora tiene un gran éxito con dos innovadoras opciones que los viajeros mexicanos están utilizando mucho: Upgrade Travel Option (UTo) y Preferred Seat Option (PSo). Optiontown es la compañía líder en el mundo, al ofrecer originales opciones enfocadas a mejorar la experiencia de viaje de los pasajeros. Aeroméxico, como la aerolínea más grande de México, tiene planes de lanzar próximamente otros programas interesantes de Optiontown.

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Optiontown, has served millions of users In five continents and now it has a great success with two innovative options that Mexican travelers are using a lot: Upgrade Travel Option (UTo) and Preferred Seat Option (PSo). Optiontown is the leading company in the world, to offer original options aimed at improving the travel experience for passengers. Aeromexico has plans to launch other great programs of Optiontown soon.
Lavozhispanany image
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Vil gi deg bedre reiseopplevelse
Vestfoldblad.no    Sep 2013
Flyselskapet samarbeider med det Boston-baserte selskapet Optiontown om tjenestene, som kundene bestiller på nettet.Selskapet tilbyr en rekke tilleggstjenester til flypassasjerer og kunne allerede si at det ville komme flere spennende muligheter i fremtiden.Vi har fått tilbakemeldinger på at dette er noe passasjerene ønsker. Det er frivillig og helt opp til den enkelte passasjer. Begge tjenestene er tilgjengelig fra i dag, sa administrerende direktør i Widerøe, Lars Kobberstad.

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The airline is working with the Boston-based company Optiontown about services that customers orders on-line. The company offers a range of additional services to passengers and could already tell that it would be more exciting opportunities in the future. We've heard that this is something passengers want. It is voluntary and completely up to the individual passenger. Both services are available from today, said the CEO of Widerøe, Kobberstad.
Wideroe partners with Optiontown image
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SpiceJet offers flexi travel solutions
Business Standard    Aug 2013
Budget carrier SpiceJet has tied up with travel solutions portal Optiontown to offer customers a wide range of travel options like Empty Seat Option (ESo), Multiple Booking Option (MBo), Preferred Flights Option (PFo) and Flexibility Reward Option (FRo). This is a unique initiative and we will surely make money that will add to airlines bottom line.
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SpiceJet lets passengers fly another day
The Hindu Business Line    Aug 2013
SpiceJet has collaborated with travel options company Optiontown to extend Unique Travel Options to its passengers. Optiontown makes use of mathematical algorithms to create favorable options for airlines and passengers. The innovative range of products has been launched with the name of Flexifly by Spicejet. Flexifly includes four unique travel services like Empty Seat Option (ESo), Multiple Booking Option (MBo), Preferred Flights Option (PFo) and Flexibility Reward Option (FRo).
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SpiceJet partners with Optiontown to offer Flexible Reward Option
Travel Bizmonitor    Aug 2013
SpiceJet with Optiontown has introduced customer friendly unique travel options. Empty Seat Option (ESo), Multiple Booking Option (MBo) and Preferred Flight Option (PFo) can be availed at a nominal fee and the fourth option allows a passenger to earn up to Rs 1,500 by agreeing to fly on a different time called Flexibility Reward Option (FRo).
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Optiontown becomes more accessible with its newly launched Mobile Website
Optiontown.com    Jul 2013
Latest Innovation Puts Luxury in the Palm of Your Hand.

Optiontown, pioneer in the world of travel options adds more comfort to its users with its newly launched mobile website. Accessible from any web enabled phone, the site connects passengers wherever they may be. Visit www.optiontown.com from any web enabled phone to enjoy the innovation.
Optiontown Mobile Site
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The Sydney Morning Herald, Leading Australian Newspaper lists Optiontown among "Fifty things we love about travel right now"
The Sydney Morning Herald    Jun 2013
Optiontown takes pride to be acknowledged as one on of the "Fifty things we love about travel right now" as published by The Sydney Morning Herald, a leading newspaper in Australia and southern hemisphere.
Business Class
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Optiontown CEO interviewed among the other airline CEOs at IATA AGM, Cape Town
Breaking Travel News    Jun 2013
Sachin Goel, CEO - Optiontown was interviewed about how the intelligent technology and unique products of Optiontown helping airlines to drive the latest airlines craze -ancillary revenues and elevating customers travel experience with the innovative travel options.

The interview, which was conducted at IATA AGM in Cape Town can be viewed here on the Breaking News Travel website.

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AirAsia X passengers used Optiontown to snag a row of seats.
Destinasian.com    Jun 2013
Optiontown offers inventive online services and booking ad-ons for some of the biggest names in travel. The services include empty seat options giving passengers more room next to them and discounted flight upgrades for as low as US$5.
AirAsia X Empty Seat Images
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AirAsia X CEO Azran announces 100% Growth in ancillary revenues with Optiontown
AirAsia X    Oct 2012
AirAsia X has entered the third year of its very fruitful partnership with Optiontown. CEO Azran Osman-Rani was very satisfied with the performance of the post-sale ancillary revenue products offered to AirAsia X customers. Azran was pleased by the results in terms of incremental revenues generated by Optiontown for AirAsia X; a seven digit USD amount (USD X Millions) in 2011, AirAsia X CEO Azran Annouces 100% Growth with Optiontown in an Video Interview
that has already doubled in 2012 and is further expected to quadruple in 2013. Azran also complimented that manner in which Optiontown is able to work with the airline teams resulting in an easy and fast implementation.

Click here
to view the full video interview with Azran Osman-Rani, the CEO of AirAsia X.

Cyprus Airways together with Optiontown offers Extra Baggage allowance at low price.
Airwing.Gr    Jun 2013
Με την πρωτοποριακή υπηρεσία του Πρόσθετου Βάρους Αποσκευών (XBo) οι Κυπριακές Αερογραμμές κάνουν το ταξίδι σας πιο ευχάριστο και χωρίς άγχος ειδικά όταν οι αποσκευές σας ξεπερνούν το επιτρεπόμενο βάρος.

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Extra Baggage Option is another new creative product
offering from Cyprus Airways with Optiontown to enable you to make your journey more enjoyable and stress-free especially when you need to have luggage exceeding the standard baggage allowance for your journey.

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Air Europa together with Optiontown offers Upgrade Travel Option
Latin Routes    Feb 2013
Partnered with Optiontown, Air Europa offers its customers the opportunity to upgrade from economy to Club Business Class for a nominal additional charge.With the launch of this new product Air Europa customers stand a chance to save upto 75% of a regular business class fare and can enjoy benefits of Club Business Class services.
UX Business Class
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Air Asia X ESo Customer well rested after his long overnight Beijing Flight
blog.malaysia-asia.my    Nov 2012
Air Asia X customer to Beijing shared his recent experience using Optiontown’s Empty Seat Option - ESo - product for his trip to China. "ESo is one of the best ways to fly long haul. I used to just get the normal seats but after this service was introduced, ……I gave it a try and from now, on any long haul flights, I will definitely include the ESo option". Empty Seat Option image
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Vietnam Airlines hành khách có thể thưởng thức rộng rãi thời gian bay
TinTuc.net    Nov 2012
Hành khách của Vietnam Airlines có thể tận hưởng không gian bay rộng rãi và thoải mái hơn với các ghế trống liền nhau (tối đa thêm hai ghế trống cho một khách) với mức phí từ 9 USD/ghế/chặng tùy từng hành trình và số lượng đặt ghế của khách.

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Vietnam Airlines passengers can enjoy extensive flying time. Vietnam Airlines in partnership with Optiontown launched today (12/11) the program "Experience Luxury with Vietnam Airlines". Vietnam Airlines passengers may register the options as needed through the website: www.optiontown.com.

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Optiontown đi sống mới với đối tác Vietnam Airlines
laodong.com.vn    Nov 2012
Ngày 12.11, TCty Hàng không Việt Nam (Vietnam Airlines) thông báo triển khai chương trình “Trải nghiệm thông minh cùng Vietnam Airlines”, nhằm cung cấp những tiện ích mới dành cho khách hàng khi đi trên chuyến bay của hãng. Những tiện ích này bao gồm: Lựa chọn ghế trống, Nâng hạng dịch vụ, Thưởng khi thay đổi chuyến bay và Chọn chuyến bay mong muốn. Vietnam Airlines News image
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Vietnam Airlines and its partner Optiontown, now offer fantastic utility options, which includes: Upgrade Travel Option, Empty Seat Option, Flexibility Reward Option and Preferred Flight Option. Passengers will be able to register for these utilities as needed at the website: www.optiontown.com.

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Vietnam Airlines introducing new Travel Option
Thanhtra.com.vn    Nov 2012
Tổng Công ty Hàng không Việt Nam (Vietnam Airlines) triển khai Chương trình “Trải nghiệm thông minh cùng Vietnam Airlines”, nhằm cung cấp những tiện ích mới dành cho khách hàng khi sử dụng các chuyến bay của hãng.

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Vietnam Airlines implements "Smart Experience with Vietnam Airlines" program, to provide new utility for their
Vietnam Airlines News image
customers. Vietnam Airlines will now offer their customers practical options, which are the Empty Seat Option, Upgrade Travel Option, Flexibility Reward Option and Preferred Flight Option. Vietnam Airlines customers will have to pay a low fee from $ 1 only.

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Adria Airways embarks on Optiontown
Mediterranean specialist features Dynamic Travel Options
Optiontown.com    Oct 2012
Adria Airways has declared its partnership with Optiontown, the global leader in Dynamic Travel Options, featuring a wide range of attractive options for business and leisure travelers. Adria Airways has selected the complete Optiontown suite and will be launching with two options in the next few weeks, including the 'Upgrade Travel Option' (UTo - pronounced You too) and the 'Empty Seat Option' (ESo).

Klemen Bostjancic, President and CEO of Adria Airways said, At Adria Airways we are keen to deliver state-of-the-art services to our guests as part the commitment as member of the Star Alliance of serving a global clientele. The products from Optiontown allow us to provide a wider range of services and new experiences to our guests. Adria Aiways will be launching these new products in November 2012.

Vietnam Airlines and Optiontown announce partnership to launch Dynamic Travel Options
Vietnam Airlines    Oct 2012
At the IATA World Passenger Symposium held in Abu Dhabi, where Optiontown conducted a seminar on Post-Sale Ancillary Revenues, Vietnam Airlines announced their focus on ancillary revenues and the new partnership with Optiontown to support this strategy. Mr Nguyen Vu Khoi, Vietnam Airlines Deputy Director of Sales and Marketing, informed that they are launching a Optiontown Vietnam Airlines Partnership Launch Video Interview
number of Dynamic Travel Option products with Optiontown to support its objective of enhancing customer experience through innovation.

Mr Khoi stated that Optiontown offered a creative and rewarding win-win proposition for the airline and their customers. He stated that their integration which was with Sabre, was easy to accept and was completed with limited time and staff resources. He also praised the flexibility offered by Optiontown to be meet Vietnam airlines as well as customer needs through the customization that was made possible by Optiontown.

To view the full video interview , please click here.

New horizons in Revenue Management presented by Optiontown at Lufthansa Systems Airline Forum
Optiontown    Sep 2012
High appreciation was bestowed upon Optiontown by more than 400 aviation professionals when Optiontown presented the revolutionary concept of Dynamic Travel Options. The Optiontown presentation at the Airline Forum, the annual conference organized by LH Systems on IT solutions was held between 4th to 6th September, 2012 in Potsdam, Germany and focussed on how to improve the relationship between the airlines and consumers, as well as boost the overall profitability of carriers.

Optiontown's Founder & CEO, Sachin Goel presented in front of the specialist forum on Optiontowns patented technologies and how it has started yielding incremental revenues to Optiontowns partner airlines. The 150% increase in yield by just selling options with zero capex was a real eye-opener for the executives.

Optiontown offers Empty Seat Option with Firefly
Optiontown    Jun 2012
Optiontown and Firefly launched their partnership to bring about added convenience to customers with the Empty Seat Option (ESo) since June 2012. The Empty Seat Option allows Fireflys customers the opportunity to purchase the empty seat next to theirs, thus allowing them to experience a more comfortable journey for the entire duration of their flight.

Optiontown Founder and CEO Sachin Goel said, We are really excited to work with Firefly. This partnership is a win-win proposition for airlines as well as passengers as ancillary revenue is now becoming a critical and significant component of the airlines portfolio.

Travel goes social
The Times Of India    May 2012
As many as 40% of respondents to a TripAdvisor survey, said they wouldn't mind paying extra to get a quiet place. This has led a travel website Optiontown to launch an innovative programme called Empty Seat Option (ESo, pronounced esso), wherein travellers can get empty seats next to their seats. Travellers of AirAsia can avail of this facility. The advantage is two empty seats beside yours could mean a fully stretched bed in the economy cabin.Some don't even want strangers to sit beside them, they want to travel alone. This has led a travel website Optiontown to launch an innovative programme called Empty Seat Option (ESo,pronounced esso), wherein travellers can get empty seats next to their seat.

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Hate having an airplane seatmate? You have options
msnbc.com    Feb 2012
You are looking for real comfort and convenience of your in-flight experience, but dont want to afford a premium cabin or the fare for an Extra Seat. Now some airlines are giving passengers another, less expensive, option. "We offer them the Empty Seat Option to purchase only what is required depending on individual needs," said Azran Osman-Rani, CEO of AirAsia X. "Its about providing passengers with choice," said Raymond Kollau, founder of airlinetrends.com, an industry and consumer research agency.

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Savour space with empty seat option
The West Australian    Feb 2012
AirAsia X together with its technology partner, Optiontown.com, has released a new seating service known as the Empty Seat option to enable travellers to purchase empty seats located next to their allocated seat. TheWestAustralian Empty Seat Image
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Airline social seating? AirAsia X goes antisocial with Empty Seat Option
tnooz.com    Feb 2012
Carriers like KLM and Malaysia Airlines are offering passengers options to pick their seatmates through social networks, AirAsia X, in a contrarian move, is giving economy passengers the chance to guarantee that they will sit alone, stretched out across two to three seats. After entering their flight details, passengers pay an ESo sign-up fee of MYR 3 and a fee for the empty seat(s) depending on the route. If no seat available the fee will be refunded.

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Optiontown, Post-Purchase revenue management
Hosteltur    Jan 2012
Increasingly the airline industry has an urgent need to achieve higher revenue per passenger and monetize their operations if they want to stay afloat with the fierce competition within the industry. This has been the objective of Revenue Management for three decades. Now a company has applied these techniques to post-ticket sale, making the airlines increase their revenue per passenger even after selling the ticket.

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Optiontown joins the Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO) as an industry partner
Optiontown News Release    Jan 2012
Optiontown, the leading provider of dynamic travel options, and the Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO), which represents 27 airlines, have announced a partnership that will benefit airlines and their customers alike. At its recent annual general meeting in Abu Dhabi, AACO welcomed Optiontown as an official "industry partner," further solidifying an interest that Optiontown has long taken in the region.

Optiontown CEO Interviewed by Breaking Travel News
Breaking Travel News    Nov 2011
Breaking Travel News, a leading travel news website that attracts more than 20,000 industry executives daily, selected Optiontown Founder and CEO Sachin Goel as the subject of a video interview about the benefits to airlines and their customers of dynamic travel options.

The interview, which was conducted at the Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO) annual general meeting in Abu
View Optiontown Founder Interview video
Dhabi in Nov 2011, can be viewed here on the Breaking News Travel website.

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Optiontown Invited to Deliver Guest Lecture at Arab Air Carriers Association Commercial Forum
Optiontown News Release    Oct 2011
'Optiontown executives educated airline executives about the benefits of post-purchase revenue management at the Arab Air Carriers Association (AACO) Network Commercial Forum. AACO, which represents 25 airlines from the Middle East and North Africa - including some of the world's largest and fastest growing - invited the company to present new ideas for revenue enhancement.'

Optiontown CEO Speaks at IATA World Passenger Symposium
Optiontown News Release    Oct 2011
'At the invitation of IATA, the trade body representing airlines accounting for 93 percent of global traffic, Optiontown Founder and CEO Sachin Goel spoke to delegates at the organization's World Passenger Symposium about the benefits of selling dynamic travel options to passengers. He was joined by other industry leaders on a panel called "Maximization of Revenues per Passenger."

You may view the IATA event photo gallery on Optiontown Facebook account. Non-facebook users may click here to view the photo gallery.'

Optiontown Empty Seat Option (ESo) Goes Live With Partner AirAsia X
Optiontown News Release    Oct 2011
'AirAsia X customers can now purchase the only thing as exciting as a seat on the successful low-cost longhaul airline: an empty seat or two next to them. After purchasing tickets, customers can now select the Empty Seat Option (ESo) with AirAsia X's technology partner Optiontown. With ESo, a customer can enjoy more comfort and space during travel in economy by securing a full row of 3 seats.'

Optiontown Sponsoring IATA World Passenger Symposium, Singapore (10-14th Oct, 2011)
IATA (International Air Transport Association)    Oct 2011
Optiontown announces its participation at the World Passenger Symposium – a gala event organized by IATA (International Air Transport Association)in Singapore from October 10th to 14th, 2011. The event will bring several hundred airline executives, including CEOs from around the globe, to one of the most buoyant regions in global aviation.

Optiontown’s founder & CEO, Sachin Goel, has been invited to speak on the benefits of selling dynamic travel options to passengers at the conference during a panel dedicated to “Maximization of Revenues per Passenger.”

You may also click here to read more about this event on the IATA website. You may also view the latest IATA program schedule on their website to get more information on the Optiontown's panel discussion and exhibitor booth.

Innovative Airline, Innovative Partner: Enhancing Profitability While Delighting Customers
Author - Azran Osman-Rani, CEO of AirAsia X
Surplus, a publication of Optiontown.com
   Sep 2011
All airlines—and especially LCCs—are focusing ever-more on ancillary revenue generation. The great thing about Optiontown, on the other hand, is that it does nothing but please customers while providing an additional revenue stream to enhance our profitability. Our slogan: “Now Everyone Can Fly Xtra Long.” At the same time, we’re also making it possible for a lot of people to do more than just fly. And that’s where Optiontown comes in. What economy-class customer wouldn’t love the opportunity to experience a lie-flat bed and all the other service amenities that go along with flying premium? Optiontown has significantly increased our premium class load factor...

How can airlines generate extra revenue from booked passengers?
Aviation Business - Ask The Expert, Dubai, UAE    Sep 2011
The leading aviation business magazine in the middle-east, Aviation Business, features the Founder & CEO of Optiontown in their 'ASK The EXPERT' section to highlight the innovations developed by Optiontown and how its concurrently helping both airlines and passengers.

Research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Centre for Transportation Studies has suggested that airlines can generate significant additional income after selling tickets to their guests. To capture the consumer surplus, a platform is required where the additional needs or possible changes in a passenger’s requirements are compiled. These unmet desires can then be converted into options for the passengers and the airline alike – opening a new dimension in the relationship between guest and airline, namely ‘concurrent optimisation’ post-ticket-purchase.

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Capturing Revenue from Consumer Surplus
Africa Wings Issue 14, African Airlines Association    Aug 2011
A relatively new field called 'post-purchase-revenue management' championed by a company called Optiontown, is focussing on customer desires rather than just customer needs...

African Wings, the official magazine produced by the African Airlines Association, features how Optiontown is pursuing post-purchase-revenue management to capture benefits from consumer surplus and generate higher travel value for passengers and increased revenues and profitability for airlines.

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AirAsia X Partners Optiontown - Delivering Valuable Unique Travel Options to Its Long-haul Passengers
AirAsia X - Optiontown Joint Press Release - Low Cost Airline Conference, Singapore    Jan 2011
AirAsia X, the leading long haul, low fare airline affiliate of AirAsia announced its partnership with Optiontown; offering guests traveling on the long-haul network travel options available at www.Optiontown.com. The service is available for all AirAsia X destinations from their Kuala Lumpur hub. AirAsia X currently flies to thirteen destinations in Australia, China, UK, India, Taiwan, Tehran, Korea, and Japan. Passengers can now bring more value to their travel experience by choosing options on their flights booked with AirAsia X: The first service ‘Upgrade Travel Option’ UTo (pronounced You too) chosen by the airline enables travelers to opt for an upgrade to Premium class, a luxury of business class at incredible low fares.

Ort der Optionen / The Place for Options
fvw, Issue 02/11 21 Pg. 62 - Leading Travel Magazine, Germany    Jan 2011
Eine Idee ließ SachimGoel nicht mehr los, und dafür verzichtete er sogar auf seine Dissertation beim berühmten MIT inMassachusetts: Er hatte ein Konzept entwickelt, den Absatz und die Preise für Flugtickets nicht nur aus airlineinterner Sicht zu optimieren, sondern auch die aktuellen Wünsche der Kunden einzubeziehen. „Ich wollte nicht warten, sondern sofort daran gehen, die Idee zu verwirklichen“, erklärt der aus Indien stammende Chemie-Ingenieur.

The Place for Options
Sachin Goel and his team organize upgrades for air passengers with his company Optiontown. Airlines also have commercial benefits.

FLUG: GÜNSTIGER IN DIE EDELKLASSEN Preisersparnisse von bis zu 75%! (German)
Insider Tipp Magazine, Germany    Oct 2010
Ein Flug von London nach Mumbai in der First Class für ca. 640 Euro? Was unglaublich klingt, kostet das First-Class-Ticketbei Kingfisher Airlines doch eigentlich um die 1.650 Euro, ist einem englischen Passagier tatsächlich gelungen, mit Hilfe der Website www.optiontown.com.

Fly in Style for a Bargain
Die Welt - Leading National Newspaper Daily, Germany    Aug 2010
Ein US-Spezialist vermarktet teure Flugzeugsitze zu Billigpreisen
Hamburg - Passagier Dean Roberts aus dem südenglischen Crawley ist sichtlich entzückt: "Ich bin für umgerechnet 641 Euro von London nach Mumbai in der ersten Klasse geflogen." Ein Schnäppchen. Normalerweise hätte der Brite für einen Sitz in der Nobelklasse der indischen Fluglinie Kingfisher 1653 Euro bezahlen müssen. Dass er vergleichsweise billig geflogen ist, hat er der Partnerschaft zwischen der Airline und dem in Boston ansässigen Reisemakler Optiontown zu verdanken. Dessen Geschäftsmodell ist so simpel wie effektiv. Danach meldet eine Fluglinie ihre unverkauften Plätze in der First oder Business Class an Optiontown.

US Specialist company is marketing aircraft seats at good-value prices
Dean Roberts, passenger from Crawley in South England is delighted: ‘I traveled first class from London to Mumbai for just € 641 – a steal’. Normally the UK traveler would spend € 1653 for a premium seat on the Indian carrier Kingfisher. Thanks to a partnership between this airline and the Boston-based service company Optiontown he got this great bargain. Their business model is as simple as effective. Airlines advise unsold seats in their business or first-class cabin to Optiontown.com.

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Så flyger du business class till reapris.
Stockholm, Sweden    Jun 2010
Så här går det till. Man bokar och betalar sin biljett genom SAS som vanligt. Med sitt bokningsnummer kan man sedan anmäla sig på Optiontowns hemsida. Man betalar en liten avgift till Optiontown, samt en uppgraderingsavgift som baseras på tillgången av platser och bokningsläget. Uppgraderingsavgiften får man tillbaka om man inte får någon uppgradering. Den andra avgiften behåller Optiontown.

Upgarde your travel class with Optiontown
Travel Trends Today    Sep 2009
A travel intermediary opertation of a very specialized kind, Boston-based Optiontown offers upgrades from economy class to business class at a fraction of the regular cost. The company, which set up shop in India in May, has already forged an alliance with Kingfisher and is looking for more tie-ups.

Travel in Business Class at Economic Class Ticket
Money Mantra, Leading Business Magazine in Hindi    Aug 2009
Money Mantra, the leading business magazine in India, writes about the new UTo offering.

Optiontown offers 'Upgrade Travel Option'
Money Mega Mart    Aug 2009
Optiontown has come up with its new 'upgrade travel option (UTo)' service, for which it has developed a proprietary software, in order to make the travelers avail higher class service at the cost of lower class service.

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Optiontown talking to Air India, Jet for ticket upgrade service
The Economic Times, Leading National Newspaper Daily, India    Jun 2009
After having signed up Kingfisher Airlines, travel services provider Optiontown is now talking to Jet Airways and Air India to offer their passengers the choice to upgrade from economy to first class at a fraction of the normal cost. Optiontown, which has developed proprietary software for the service 'upgrade travel option (UTo)', said the service can help save up to 75 per cent on the full upgrade fare.

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Now upgrade your air ticket to first class at little extra
Yahoo News    Jun 2009
US-based travel portal Optiontown's unique travel solution can help you. Optiontown says passengers can save up to 75 percent of the actual airfare if they upgrade their ticket using its 'upgrade travel option' (UTo) solution. The company has already entered into partnerships with India's Kingfisher Airlines, Air Canada and Scandinavian Airlines.

SAS makes it possible for all customers to upgrade on long-haul flights
SAS Scandinavian Airlines - Optiontown Press Release    Jun 2009
SAS Scandinavian Airlines is now the first European airline to offer all its customers the opportunity to purchase an upgrade on long-haul flights, which will be confirmed 24 hours prior to departure, pending seat availability. The new upgrade travel option is available either directly from SAS’s websites or by logging on to www.optiontown.com.

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