Multiple Booking Option (MBo)
Travel Flexibility on your finger tips!
Already booked but
uncertain with travel plans?
Hold additional confirmed
flight(s) at a nominal price.
Decide later and fly on
most suitable flight!
When you sign-up for MBo, you can also choose the MBo deadline (either 1 or 3 days prior to departure) up to which you can decide the flight you want to fly on. MBo guarantees*(see Terms of Service) a seat to you on the MBo flight up to the MBo deadline.
Your booking remains unchanged till you take your final decision. If you decide to take the MBo Flight, you can do so easily with a single-click on Optiontown.com and your booking will be rebooked automatically. Else, if you decide to stay on the originally booked flight itself, your booking will remain unchanged.
MBo Example
Sam is booked on the Friday evening flight; however he needs some Travel Flexibility.
To get flexibility, he signs-up for MBo and picks the Saturday morning flight as his additional MBo flight.
With his MBo, Sam gets the right, up to Thursday evening (i.e. one day before Friday), to decide if he wants to fly on Friday or Saturday.
Sam's booking remains unchanged till he takes his final decision. If he decides to fly on Saturday, his booking will be rebooked automatically to the Saturday flight. Else, if Sam decides to take the Friday flight, his booking will remain unchanged.
Thus, MBo provides additional flexibility to Sam and enhances his overall travel experience.
Tips to use MBo
Sign-up for MBo as early as possible to increase your chances to get your desired additional flight. The options are limited on each flight.
If you could not decide for sure which flight you want to fly on, then we reccommend you to take more time and wait till your MBo Deadline is close enough. Once and if you choose to be shifted to MBo Flight, your flight will be automatically rebooked and you cannot reverse your decision.
See Frequently Asked Questions (MBo - FAQ) for any doubts or queries related to MBo.    Optiontown - Enjoy Unique Travel Options!

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