Preferred Flight Option (PFo)
Unhappy with your currently booked flight? Use PFo and fly on your preferred flight!
Booked on a flight but
not your first choice.
Choose your Preferred Flight
at a nominal price.
Later, if available Optiontown
will shift you to preferred flight.
When you sign-up for PFo, you can also choose the PFo deadline (either 1 or 3 days prior to departure) up to which you will be notified if you are being shifted to your preferred flight or not. In the event, Optiontown shifts you to your preferred flight, your booking will be rebooked automatically. Else, if you are not shifted, your booking remains unchanged.
PFo Example
For his sales trip, Greg's company had booked him to depart on Sunday evening, however, his preferred choice was to fly on early Monday morning as he wanted to spend an extra night with his wife and kids. However, the early Monday morning flight was outside his corporate travel budget.
So, he decided to use PFo and selected the Monday morning flight as his PFo Flight and paid a nominal PFo price.
2 days before departure, Optiontown shifted Greg to the Monday morning and notified him via email. Greg was delighted to fly on his preferred flight and the family enjoyed an extra night of family time.
So, use PFo if you also want to fly on your preferred choice flight within your budget.
Tips to use PFo
Sign-up for PFo as early as possible to increase your chances to get your desired preferred flight. The options are limited on each flight.
1 day PFo deadline has a higher chance to get you shifted to your desired preferred flight over the 3 day deadline. More availability might open up as we get closer to departure time.
See Frequently Asked Questions (PFo - FAQ) for any doubts or queries related to PFo.    Optiontown - Enjoy Unique Travel Options!

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